Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Visions of my 2012 garden

My garden is all put away for the year. The last of the plants have been pulled, the soil has been tilled, and the ground has been left barren to await new life this spring. And I must confess, I miss my garden terribly. After lovingly watering it all season long, trimming back its odd growth, and picking the fruits of my hard work, the empty little plot holds none of the splendor it did just a few months ago. Such is the cycle of the seasons.

December is a barren month in my garden; the flowers long dead, vegetables long pulled, frosty ground, and dark, sunless exposure. But I have a confession to make -- it will not be long before new life bursts from the ground. I've dreamed of nothing else since my first 2012 seed catalog arrived in the mail last week. That night, I rushed thru dinner and dishes at record speed, wanting nothing more than to curl up underneath a blanket with the catalog and a marker. My first go-around with the catalog seemed like a dream. I imagined trellacing pole beans, picking several types of squash, offering sunflowers to the birds, and canning bushels of tomatoes. I lusted over beets, raddishes, and ground cherries, none of which I've ever planted before. And by the time I was finished, I had easily marked off enough plants for an entire farm! How I wish I had more space than my 12x18 suburban plot. I should have been a farmer.

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