Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Heron Tools for Women Gardeners

I am really excited to see a modern company getting back into the business of making farming/gardening tools designed especially for women. I have a beautiful set of heirloom women's gardening tools, and I didn't even realize that modern gardening tools for women are almost impossible to find. (For the record, I agree that pink handled tools don't count, although I will sheepishly admit to owning my fair share of the ones with floral handles.)

I love my little heirloom gardening tools. I inherited the set from my grandparents, and word on the street is that they actually belonged to my great-grandmother, a farmer in her younger days and avid gardener in her old age. She lived next door to my grandparents, and my mother remembers her trekks from shed to garden with her spade and hoe. I also have what appears to be a miniature-sized pitchfork. When I garden with these tools, I feel connected to my past and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. But let's face it, I am also a short, small woman and these tools are just really handy. Before I acquired them, I was constantly calling my husband out to the garden to help me with tasks that seemed monumental with the man-sized garden tools he bought from Lowes.

Ann Adams and Liz Brensinger of Green Heron Tools have taken women's garden tools a step further. They're not just manufacturing smaller tools for women; their new specially designed shovel/spade is designed to accentuate women's inherent differences, including smaller shoulder span, hand size, and grip strength. At $57.99, the HERShovel certainly won't be the cheapest garden tool in your shed, but if you can end your day in the garden free from aches and pains, it could be the best money you ever spent!

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