Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest Monday, 9/10/2012

What a beautiful weekend!  We had two glorious days of 70-degree weather, and I headed out to the garden to finally plant those fall seeds!

My big tomatoes have pretty much stopped ripening, but I am still getting cherry tomatoes.

I also found 3 more zucchini among the dying vines.  I pulled several more vines to make room for the fall garden.

Sadly, about half of my carrots were buggy.  I decided to pull them all out to prevent the bugs from spreading further down the rows and damaging the remaining carrots.  It seemed that the Chantenay carrots were much more effected than the Parisienne.

My red peppers are winding down, but I have several left on the vines trying to ripen.  I picked two this week that were half green, half red.

Stay tuned later this week for more news on the fall garden!

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  1. Very nice! Those tomatoes do look good! I've had some bug damage to my carrots too.

  2. Love those cherry tomatoes! It feels like they keep showing up forever.

  3. That pepper and cherry tomatoes are very pretty. Too bad about bugs on carrots.

  4. pretty tomatoes and that is a lovely pepper. Sorry to hear about the carrots. I am fortunate, usually the only thing that bothers mine are the eelworms (larvae of the click beetle) and they are just occasional problems.