Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday, 7/16/2012

What a busy week in the garden! 

Sadly, I have to report that all of my bean plants have died.  In truth, it is probably about the normal time for their demise, but with miniscule harvest they produced this year it was especially disappointing.  I ripped them out on Friday afternoon and will use the space next month to start a fall garden.

This week's harvest included the first batch of blossom end rot-free tomatoes!  These are Roma and Bloody Butcher.  I guess the calcium spray worked!

My cherry tomatoes are going crazy.  That's no problem for my husband - he pops these in his mouth like candy.  This was just one day's picking --

It was another big week for zucchini.  The plants are slowing down quite a bit now, but not without first producing one last big crop --6 huge zucchini!

I also harvested my first two peppers of the season.  The plants are quite stunted due to the weather, and they have also suffered from blossom end rot.  However, these two peppers look good.

I picked these onions to make soup.  It will be a few weeks until the full harvest is ready, but I couldn't resist a taste of what's to come.  They were delicious!

Last but not least, I finally harvested some heads of dill for winter use.  This year I let them dry on the plant and didn't pick them until they were ready storage.  This might not work in a particularly rainy season, but since we were in a drought it seemed to work just fine.

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  1. I love it when the tomatoes start coming in. I am only getting ones and twosies of the early small varieties and will have a while to wait for the main tomatoes (they are just now setting fruit).

    I lost alot of my dill this year and only have a small bit to use for my refrigerator dills and later on my pickles. Enjoy having that nice big seed head put by for later use.

  2. wow all your stuff looks so good. envy those onions; not a crop that I have been very successful with yet.

  3. Beautiful harvest! Our tomatoes are still behind the schedule but hopefully will be there soon.

  4. Great harvest! I pick my onions too early, too, mostly because I'm impatient!!!!

  5. Pretty shot of the dill in the basket. Too bad about your beans. It is frustrating when the veggies don't do as well as expected. But you have ripe tomatoes! I'm still waiting and have got a long way to go before any of mine ripen.

  6. Great harvest this week. What kind of zucchini are those? They look great.