Monday, July 23, 2012

Harvest Monday, July 23, 2012

It was a hot, but rainy week (yay rain!).  After 3 soaking rains mid-week, the garden popped back to life with new vigor.  I've all but given up on my container plantings, but everything in the ground is looking good!

This week, I had quite a varied harvest.  On Monday, I picked another big basket of Chard. 

On Wednesday while out surveying the pepper patch, I found the perfect pepper.  This is the Lipstick variety, small and thin, but deliciously sweet.

It was a big week for tomatoes.  In fact, I got so many tomatoes this week that I actually canned a small batch of 4 pints on Saturday. These are some of the larger varieties - Rutgers, Mortgage Lifter, and a few Bloody Butcher.

I also picked another basket of cherry tomatoes. 

On Saturday, I picked another small handful of cherry tomatoes, along with a few larger tomatoes and 2 peppers.

The Strata d'Italia zucchini are still producing and I found 2 more hidden in the middle of the patch.

These are the first beets I've harvested this season.  Judging by their size, I think the whole patch is ready to be picked.  But I have no plan yet, so I just picked a few.  What is your favorite method of keeping beets?

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  1. Great harvest - I would love some of those cherry tomatoes right now! As for beetroot I cook it, slice it and then keep it in a jar of spiced vinegar in the fridge. Works well for me.

  2. I like to do diced pickled beets.

    Very jealous of all those beautiful tomatoes you harvested, ours are just the small early varieties at this point and the main crops are a long way aways yet as they are just now forming green fruits.

  3. Very nice harvest! I also planted Rutgers and it's the most prolific plant I've had yet but the ML is not doing as well.

  4. very nice. You are getting lots of nice tomatoes!

  5. That pepper is indeed a beauty! And gorgeous tomatoes too!

  6. Great looking harvest. We love pickled beets!!

  7. Nice harvest! My big tomatoes took a break during the high heat last month, but I've seen a few little fruits on them again. Beets keep so well in the ground I don't bother with preserving them, just pull fresh as needed.