Monday, July 30, 2012

Harvest Monday, 7/30/2012

It was another big week for cherry tomatoes.  Almost every day, I found more ripe ones to pick.

Not as many big tomatoes ripened this week, but it looks like several of the Roma tomatoes will ripen in the next few days. I did get a few nice Pineapple tomatoes and a couple of large Rutgers, though.

On Saturday, I pulled all of the beets and onions.  The onions are drying on the patio.  I made a batch of pickled beets and the rest are sitting in the pantry.

There's always more Swiss Chard and this week was no exception.  I froze 6 bags for use this winter.

The garden is looking pretty barren with the bean patch empty, and now the beets and onions gone.  I had planned to start a fall garden in the next few weeks, but with the high heat and drought, I'm not so sure that's a good idea.  Any ideas for successful seed starting under these conditions, or would I be better off ditching the plans for this year's fall garden?

That's all of the harvest for this week.  To check out more great harvests, visit Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Those tomatoes look yummy! You may want to start your fall crops as seedlings indoors and then plant them out when you can a break in the heat.

  2. Loving your tomatoes! We're starting on our fall garden this week too, though we haven't had quite the heat here in So Cal that a lot of other parts of the country have had. Good luck with yours!

  3. What a great week you had! What do you think of the taste of the pineapple tomatoes? Can you detect their fruity note? I never could but it could be my growing conditions or my palate.

    1. I can detect a bit of fruity sweetness, but it is very subtle, and only in those that I eat right out of the garden. Must be something about the warmth from the sun...

  4. What a splendid harvest! Your veggies are beautiful.

  5. I'm planting for fall already; but our monsoon has begun and while we don't actually get that much rain most days, the little drizzles and higher humidity help. Try some shade cloth or lightweight row cover to keep the ground shaded and cool for germination. Once you get the seeds up they should do well.