Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday, 8/6/2012

It was another week of travel, and little time to spend in the garden.  I came home to mountains of ripe Sungold cherry tomatoes -- so many that I actually froze some for the first time ever.  I also had a handful of Roma tomatoes ripen, although I am very disappointed with them.  As a determinate variety, I expected them to ripen all at once, but that sure hasn't been the case.    

In other tomato news, someone is eating holes in my larger tomato varieties.  I had to throw several away because they were so bad.

My zucchini plants have set more flowers, and this week I harvested 3 more zucchini.  (2 are pictured below).

And finally, I have another cucumber.  I think that makes a season total of 3!

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  1. Those are some very nice looking zucchinis! What variety are they? My Roma tomatoes are not all ripening at once either, but then I never realized they were determinate.

  2. I keep seeing Sungolds mentioned in the garden blogosphere so I think I'll give those a try next year if I can source the seeds here. I like to dry cherry tomatoes for winter use and I bet the color of those would really look pretty.

    rowena@The Proud Garden

  3. Nice looking tomatoes and zucchini