Monday, June 11, 2012

Harvest Monday 6/11

Last week was a lazy week in the garden.  It probably should have been a busy week, given the quantity of weeds that need to be pulled and crops that needed a second thinning.  But alas, I spent most of my time in the kitchen cooking up radishes from last week's harvest (braised radishes are totally amazing!), making stock with kitchen scraps, and turning the last of my 2011 frozen zucchini into bread.
I don't have the funds at the moment for a drip irrigation system in the garden, so I've been relying on the hose.  I know, I know.  Leaves don't like to get wet, especially in the evening, which is the only time I'm not at work.  So a couple of weeks ago, my husband decided to set up the sprinkler in the garden to save me some time and at least get the watering schedule moved to the mornings.  And it has really works wonders!  I know turn the sprinkler on a few days a week at 5AM as I am getting ready for work, and then turn it off before scooting out the door.  It's a real time saver, and my plants seem to be doing great.  But it's also caused me to become a little bit of a lazy gardener, as I haven't had to rush outside every night to make sure the plants aren't wilting. 
Anyway, on to Harvest Monday!
My first picking of Swiss Chard yielded approx. 60 leaves!  I sauteed the stems in a little butter and honey and served those as a side with dinner.   I blanched all of the leaves and had enough for 3 freezer bags.  I love Swiss Chard in Italian Soups, so I'm looking forward to stocking the freezer for winter use!
And then, of course, I picked several more small heads of the Merveille lettuce (and my second-to-last Tennis Ball).  My cuttings haven't even made a dent in the patch, so I think I definitely planted too much!
My marjoram and thyme needed a good trim, so I cut them down and am drying out quite a few leaves for winter use.

I also decided to pull some dill while its leaves are still fresh and tender to dry for later use.  This is about 15 stalks, and there is at least three times as much left in the garden waiting to go to seed.

And finally, I pulled a few green onions (not pictured).
For more great harvests, check out Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. I didn't realise you could dry dill. What do you use it for dried?

    1. I mostly use the dried dill seed for pickles and such, but I do save a little of the actual leaves for fish or dill bread. It is not as flavorful dried as fresh, but still very tasty!

  2. We found a kit at Lowe's for drip irrigation. With that and a pressure regulator, I think we only ended up spending around $60 or $70 to do the majority of our garden. It is definitely money well spent. I hope you can get a setup soon!

    You harvest looks great. Looking at your dill, I cannot wait to make some pickles!

  3. I need to learn how to dry herbs. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd love to use my own instead of those that I've bought. On the other hand, what should I do with all the jars I bought? LOL!

  4. Nice harvests. It looks like you spice cabinet will be full this year!

  5. We've been drying herbs here too. I got enough oregano to last for several years! I do love thyme, but stripping those little leaves off is work.

  6. Very nice harvest. I have really got to try growing Swiss chard again. Everyone seems to have good crops from it.

  7. This is a great time to dry herbs; hot dry weather and the herbs are sprouting and flowering like gangbusters. Love your pretty red lettuce!