Monday, June 18, 2012

Harvest Monday 6/18/2012

This week's harvest was a small one; just a bunch of baby beets.  The weather has been extremely hot, and that seems to have slowed the growth of the garden.  Many of my little tomato flowers have dried up.

Plus, a glimpse of the harvest to come...





Happy Harvest Monday and see you next week!

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  1. Your future is looking very tasty!! Extra heat will do that to tomatoes. They really like around 80 to 85 to set lots of fruit. You could try some shade cloth if it become a big problem.

  2. I hope the temps moderate a bit for you so that the tomatoes go back to setting fruit again. Your future crops indeed look promising.

  3. Its a lovely time of the year when you've got great harvests to look forward to.

  4. too hot for us too. I need to get some shade over the tomatoes that are out in the open, tho the ones that are under a tree and shaded in the afternoon seem to be doing ok.