Friday, June 8, 2012

The Perfect Tomato

To many gardeners, the perfect tomato can be an elusive mystery.  Why did the tomato picked on Saturday taste sweet and juicy, while the tomato picked from the very same plant on Wednesday was flavorless and mealy?  I love a good mystery, but really, sometimes I just want an answer.  So I was thrilled to discover that NPR's food blog, The Salt, recently posted an article on the science behind the perfect tomato.  
Some revelations include:
  • Large amounts of direct sunlight to fruits yield sweeter taste
  • Over-watering, or an abundance of rain just before harvest, dilutes flavor
I can definitely be guilty of over-watering my garden at times, so I'm curious to see if this advice will produce a noticeably tastier tomato harvest.  I guess only time will tell... 

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