Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Little Help from Mother Nature

We finally got rain -- two glorious days of rain!  I've been watering regularly, but there is nothing like a good soaking rain from Mother Nature to perk up the garden. 

Yesterday, I headed outside to check the garden's progress and was amazed to find that my tomatoes had doubled in size! 

My potatoes have also sprung to life in the past week, and easily grown several inches in just a few days.   I'm so relieved to see that they are finally thriving after a slow start. 

My peppers are still fairly small and compact, but they bushed out quite a bit. 

When my bush beans first sprouted, the beetles attacked and ate quite a few holes in the bottom leaves.  However, I'm so pleased that the pests haven't come back to snack on the new top growth.  I've been watching closely for several days, and so far so good!

All that rain did a lot of good, but it also created a thriving weed community (you can see several in the top left corner next to the bean patch).  I guess it's time to put on the garden gloves and get to work!

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